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For few short years in time gone past
I felt so all alone
But things have changed so rapidly
Since the day that I left home

I wandered Ďround the country
Guess my life a bit opaque
But one thing throughout my travels
So many friends did make

Then I met a special lady
Time came to settle down
We married and had children
Still moving from town to town

My children did grow older
Mere babes they were no more
It seemed all of a sudden
They too walked out the door

The time had come I dare to say
Independence they had craved
I hope and pray with all my heart
The road they take is paved

Paved and not so rocky
And not so full of fears
Like the one I had to travel
During my younger years

Theyíve gone and met their own loves
Had children of their own
It makes me feel so blessed inside
When they visit their old home

Now I no longer have my babes
But grandchildren in their place
So the journey of my life
Continues on apace

No longer young and fancy free
Thought I never would grow old
But now the years have slid away
My elder years unfold

Yes, now I am so grateful
For each day I do wake
For I know the time is coming
My soul the Lord will take

I watch my grandchildren growing
Exploring each new day
Let me enjoy them few more years
To God I always pray

I know my lifeís a journey
But know not when it will end
Enjoy each given day Iím here
With my family and my friends

And when the time does come dear Lord
That you wish to call on me
Let me die without remorse
And rest so peacefully

For I have surely suffered
A kind of hell on Earth
But in my loved ones I do see
Something my life was worth

I do not ask for much
Before Iím called from up above
Just to know my family
Will remember me with love

I donít want a fancy resting place
With lots of special parts
For I donít want them to look around
But recall me in their heart

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th November 1999
Revised 31st July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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