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Morris | E-Mail
Thanks from Alabama. Would love to see Australia one day. Thank you I will tour your site this morning. Blessings and take care.
28 December 2009 - Snead, Alabama

Joan | E-Mail | Web Site
I can't thank you enough for your poem "A Soldier's Christmas". It is sad and yes, makes us think of all those who are away from their loved ones, and not only at Christmas. This was seen on Melva's updates and most-appropriate for the holiday season. May God bless all of our troops!
Blessings.... Joan
9 December 2009 - Canada

Ralph Granados | E-Mail | Web Site
I like the cards I have viewed on this site. I do have one problem, I can not send or forward any from this site through my email address to my friends. Outlook Express will not send them either, keeps showing an error with HTTP system. I send cards from other sites via my email address with no problem, Any suggestions? Thanks, Ralph
3 December 2009 - Lodi, CA, USA

AnnMarie | E-Mail | Web Site
Had a lovely visit. I really enjoyed looking at all your wonderful websets. You do beautiful work.
2 December 2009 - Georgia

Kevin | E-Mail
Thank you for all the great poems and all the effort you use to make such a great site for so many people throughout the world,may our Lord Bless you now and always.
26 November 2009 - Iowa,U.S.A.

Brenda Patterson | E-Mail
You have done a beautiful job on this site and the pictures are great!!!
26 November 2009 - Crossville Tn. 38572

Kathie | E-Mail
Thank you Eddie, the poem, "Your Troubled Heart"is very touching, there is so many people in the world with a heart like that, too afraid to go through that open door,and unbeknowns to a world of happiness..Take care..
13 November 2009 - Australia

andrew soboslay | E-Mail
good luck to you for youre problems...i too have back problems with my 90 year old back./..
17 November 2009 - burlington.north carolina

Rita Bilsland | E-Mail
Just wanted to tell you how much I love your site. So sorry you have to deal with so much pain. And please know I pray for you and your Granson daily. God bless
17 November 2009 - Iowa

Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
How wonderful to find your update in my mail this week. It's so good to hear from you. My prayers are with you dear friend as I can relate to your pain and your depression. Like you I am so very thankful to the Lord for HIS constant keeping and HIS UNENDING LOVE for us all. As I always say, He is the one constant in my life that I can depend upon no matter what comes my way.

I enjoyed your pages and your poems, you could go for years and not write another new poem and we would never run out of a supply of ever new meanings in your writings. I can always find a new meaning or a new way that it touches my heart every time I read them. Visiting here is such a blessing and a treasure chest of love, inspiration and a feeling of family fun and love too.

Keep up the good work and my love to your precious grandson, Coen. He has come so far and gone over so many hurdles in his life. He is an inspiration to us all, my prayers and thoughts continue to be with him, you and your family.

Happy Holidays to you all,
In Christ' Love, Your friend, Shy
17 November 2009 - N C USA

Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
Your poems have such a wonderful message Eddie, expecially "Our Earth" so applicable to today. Also really loved "The Key and An Angel on Earth." Of course they were all great and I enjoyed them all. I'm going to listen to some music now. I hope you and Sharon have a wonderful holiday, I hope its just what the Dr. ordered. Interesting to read the update on Coen, now that is a rare condition. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

14 November 2009 - australia

Gail | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi what is this about?
14 November 2009 -

MARY | E-Mail | Web Site
13 November 2009 - ALLIANCE,OHIO

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie, How good to get your updates! My heart weeps for you and the pain you are having to deal with, but I also know that you can conquer this too. I'm so glad to hear that you and Sharon will be able to spend some time away~~~~a vacation and change of venue usually restores and relaxes!
Coen, bless his little heart, remains in my prayers. He is a gift from GOD and his spirit will inspire many hearts. Perhaps God's plan for Coen is to instruct and teach medical professionals~~~praying they find the answers we all are praying for!
Eddie, if you never write another word, your work and your site are an inspiration to all! It seems so many of us have 'run into a dry patch' when it comes to writing, yet I believe the Lord will inspire~~~and we will all write again! In the meantime, I'm so grafeful for all your work!
God Bless and remember.............
13 November 2009 - Sacramento, CA

Charlene S. | E-Mail
I just happened upon your site for the poem In Flanders Fields. Thank you for taking the time to create the page with the poems in honour of our Soldier's who have fought so gallantly and those who still fight. Today was the first time I read the other poems as I did not know they existed. Your work is greatly appreciated.
7 November 2009 - Alberta, Canada

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