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Glen | E-Mail | Web Site
Good evening, in CHRIST especially.
I had lost your link, and would like to get your banner/link to be placed back at GreasyCreek if you allow.
24 October 2010 - USA

Kimberly Holland | E-Mail
I love to stop in at least once or twice a month to read your quotes they always make me smile. I read your tribute to the soldiers and felt my heart go out to them all. Are prayers also go out to all the men and women who have lost their lives in war. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. My husband is a disabled solider of the United States Army. Thank you and God bless you
26 September 2010 - America

Dot | E-Mail
How are you and yours these days?
11 August 2010

Webmaster comments   Hi Dot,

Thanks for the visit but unfortunately not getting much done on this site and been like that for a while.

Hope to get back into it again soon, will send an updates mail as soon as I do.


Sandra Bradley | E-Mail | Web Site
My music always sounds sooo much better when I read your poetry with it. I've been offline for some time, but I'm back :) Glad you're still here.
4 July 2010 - Midway Texas USA

Melva | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
Was visiting your site and wanted to stop and let you know that I have been here...
I miss hearing from you and your updates and your 'new' linkware...
I hope you are doing ok, you are missed out here on the internet...
You are on my prayer list, and you're never to far from my thoughts
God bless you and your family,
9 July 2010 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Melva,

Many thanks and hope to soon get back into updating this site, I have also missed all my wonderful friends online.


PONYTAIL6900 | E-Mail
3 May 2010 - USA

Calo | E-Mail | Web Site
I got some of your pages in a newsletter from Dede's Walk With God, I love your site and will come back again when I have more time to see more of your pages. God bless you and thanks for the blessing you bring to all of us who view your site. I'd love it if you visit my site too.
1 May 2010 - NC

Jay Johnson | E-Mail
Thanks for the beautiful messages!
1 May 2010 - Harrisburg, NC

Olaf Meeuwssen | E-Mail
Hello, I am police officer (CID) in Berlin/Germany. This is a nice side and you say what is our job.
Greetings from Germany, Olaf
22 April 2010 - Berlin, Germany

Alex | E-Mail
Who would not be enraged about this. At school we are currently learning about Vietnam, I feel proud to say I am Australian because these lads gave their lives to ensure the safety of this country. All those who burnt their papers are cowards, if they cannot go to war to serve their country, then they should not get a say. I feel so angry. If there are any vets here, thank you guys, you did well, and I know a lot of young people today believe you were brave and that the war in vietnam was certainly right. Thank you.
22 March 2010 - Sydney Australia

Tony Weightman | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi mate, luv the site, I was sworn in on the 5th December 1980 and resigned in 1997. I was 38 when I returned to University and now practice as a Psychologist in Townsville. I recognise your pain and celebrate your pride in having served. Your obviously a good man. Good effort in creating the site. All the best for the future. Regards Tony Weightman.
13 February 2010 - Townsville North Queensland.

Barry Olsen from New Zealand | E-Mail
Thank-you so much for your website.

My father served in France in WW1, thankfully survived the Somme Messines and Ypres.
31 January 2010 - New Zealand

Rose | E-Mail
One more child is safe at last.

He smiles now and is back in school He missed a lot of school. He knows he is safe. Thank You Jesus For the gift You gave me.

How are you D.B.K. and your family ? I pray all are doing okay!!

This is my quite time here Thank you And God Bless you and your work
26 January 2010 - Ontario, Canada

Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
Hello my friend, it has been a long long time since I have been by for a visit. I have missed hearing from you and I know that you have had lots going on in your life as I have in mine. I don't stay on my pc like I use to and haven't done anything new on my websites in a long time. I do hope that you are feeling better than the last time I read your newsletter. My back still gives me 24/7 pain so I know how you feel. I do think of you quite often and wonder how you are doing. There are many of us now that use to be very active on our websites that have had to take a step back. I miss the old days when we all stayed busy with pages and poems and stayed in touch more. But time and events changes things that's for sure. Know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I have enjoyed my visit here with you.

God bless you always, Shy
24 January 2010 - N C USA

Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie: "SEE ME AS YOUR OWN," and "BORN TO LOVE," are so beautiful and meaningful. I admire your work. I've not been here in a while as my computer was broken. Now a new HP Vista is working well. I am not on the computer much any more as I do work as a Dining Room Manager 10 to 15 hours a week. Dave volunteers there also. You are always in my prayers. Love Always, Joyce


3 January 2010 - West Seneca, NY USA

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