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karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
Just another quick note to say how much I enjoyed 'The Southern Cross'~~~~excellent write!!!!
God Bless and remember............
U R Loved.
16 April 2007 - Iowa

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
'Storm on the Horizon' is profound writing!!!! I'm so sorry that you ever had to experience this~~~it has helped to make you what you are today; compassionate, generous, loving, kind and thoughtful.
This is proving that GOD'S WORD is TRUE~~~~~
Your other works on faith, friendship, and Yesterday's tomorrow display all these qualities and your amazing capacity to love.............And that is the answer~~LOVE.
No matter what the question is.
The Lord is working through you Eddie, and I feel privileged to know you. God Bless you my friend, and remember..........................
U R Loved.
16 April 2007 - Iowa

Nina Hall | E-Mail
Loved your poem about "The Southern Cross"... You really are in love with your country. My husband met lots of your mates when he was in Vietnam. He said he always had a good time with them too! Very friendly! Goodday to you and yours. God bless ye, every one, ta for now
15 April 2007 - I'm in Bremerton, Washington, in the great North West

SHY | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
I enjoyed so very much your selection of poems this week. The way you described the "NIGHT" is just wonderful and puts you right there. Without my "FAITH" I don't know if I would have made it through the last several months, and I did so by doing exactly what you wrote in "CHRIST BE OUR LIGHT". He has brought me through the darkest of days and into His glorious Light over and over again. I too witnessed many "Storms on the Horizon" in my younger life and like you am a supporter against Child abuse of any kind.

Of course you always write such beautiful love poems with your lovely wife Sharon in mind, one can tell by reading your love poems and reading about you how special she is in your life. I commend you both for having such a bond in your marriage.

Again, my friend, my visit to your wonderful website has enlightened and inspired me and I leave feeling better than when I came. May God's blessing continue to be in your life. Remember you are "Blessed and highly favored."

Your Friend in North Carolina, Love ya, Shy
15 April 2007 - USA - North Carolina

Dee | E-Mail | Web Site
Thank you for the stance you take on child abuse dearest Eddie.

My husband was a director of a local chapter here in Philly.

Some stories would make you cry.

"...Now once again so all alone,
...Sunshine on the horizon. "

Hubby's agency paid for many burials
of these victims.

Blessings to you...DEE
15 April 2007 - PA

Andrea | E-Mail | Web Site
Each visit brings more pages that are 'life' experiences, and I am drawn into each it seems. They all are so vivid and just so touching. Such an array of topics and each done so beautifully. Thank you so much for the lovely shares.. God bless!!
15 April 2007 - KY, USA

Fred | E-Mail
You have a very good site and I look forward to all your updates. Please continue on wiht it as i am sure most like it as much as I do. Thanks for it.
14 April 2007 - Montgomery,Alabama

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