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Ed Hanes | E-Mail
Glad you are back making life better for all of us.
27 July 2011 - Clear Lake, Iowa USA

Webmaster comments   Thank you, hope that this is the start of more regular updates.

Lindsay Edwards | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
I am an ex-pat Aussie living in California.
I just came across your web site while I was looking for the meaning of some shearing terms used in "Click Go The Shears".
Great site! I have just subscribed and look forward to updates and further visits.
God Bless You.
7 July 2011 - Redding, CA, USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Lindsay,

Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments. Nice to see an ex-pat Aussie call by and glad you enjoyed your visit.

Unfortunately I have not done a lot on this site for a long time as health issues have literally "slowed me right down", but I do hope to get back to adding more and sending updates soon. I actually do have some new poetry pages almost ready to upload, so hopefully the next update is not too far away. I also want to add more information to the Aussie section and generally get the site moving again.

If you have any suggestions regarding additions to Aussie section, please let me know, it might be the catalyst that gets me that bit more motivated and moving.

God bless


Terry Culley | E-Mail
Just checking in from Auckland NZ
First time visitor and really impressed with the site.

Hope that you are getting the attention you need for those "health issues"
You can expect me back regularly.

God Bless
12 June 2011 - Auckland NZ

Webmaster comments   Hello Terry,

Thank you for taking the time to sign my Guest Book. It is nice to know that visitors are still coming here and enjoying the site. Thank you also for your concern regarding my health.

Sometimes it does get difficult to accept that we can no longer do things we once found so simple. I have now been told that it is unsafe for me to drive so that is another issue that I need to come to grips with. Sometimes this getting older and the experience it may give to us is also difficult to take.

God bless, and yes I am still hopeful of returning to regular updates for this site soon.


Doris Fuller | E-Mail | Web Site
Howdy Eddie,
Your web sets are great. I am working in Poser now & I have a site with free images of my Poser art for designers to use to make their web sets. You are welcome to take a look.
I hope you & yours are doing ok & may God bless you with love, peace & happiness.
11 May 2011 - Fort Worth Texas USA

diana petersen | E-Mail
Thank you I was looking for the poems found on this site to present to my American Legion Aux. meeting in Miles, Iowa. Inspirational!
10 May 2011 - United States of America

Barbee Cherry | E-Mail
The mercy of God is without limit. It guides the heart of the repentant sinner and blesses all mankind daily. I thank our God for you my brother, and for your willingness to share a portion of your life's walk with us. May God continue to bless you and your family and all of his people every where. Stay strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
8 April 2011 - Long Island New York---United States

clive morrell | E-Mail
My journey across Australia started on Sat.November 8th 1969.My destination was Sydney NSW to join some fellow Poms.An experience that I have never forgot.Many a good night`s drinking has finished by my being asked to relate my experiences on that journey
6 April 2011 - Nottingham UK

lila koch | E-Mail
i used to subscribe to your site and truly loved it but it has stopped and I miss reading it
28 March 2011 - wendell Idaho-USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Lila,

Thank you for visiting my site and signing my Guest Book.

I have not updated this site for quite some time, as I have been going through a number of personal issues in respect of my health for a long time.

I am hopeful that sometime soon I can once again begin to update the site on a regular basis and hope that you will continue to visit after that time.

God bless.

Eddie (aka - Dark Blue Knight)

Ray Stattner | E-Mail
Thank you
4 February 2011 - Boise, Idaho USA

Robin Durfey | E-Mail
this is a beautiful site and may God continue to bless you
20 January 2011 - NY

Ron | E-Mail
Good Morning
21 January 2011 - Texas

Teofil | E-Mail
Dear Eddie,
I am supeintendent Teofil Parasca, some info on my activities can be found on the net by Google, I am a "Cavaler Bleumarin" in romanian-translated into english mean dark blue knight- eguivalent military rank of lieutant col and Knight of Romania.
I appreciated very much Your site.
Let's stay in touch,
15 January 2011 - Europe, Romania, Arad County

Jack | E-Mail
G'day. You missed "Nunga" - a drug addled simpleton
22 December 2010 - Oz

Gerald 'Soybean' Fontenot | E-Mail | Web Site
Beautiful ! The only one that ever died for me is Jesus and the American soldiers. God bless our soldiers and patriots.
8 December 2010 - DeRidder, La.70634

Alwin Wever | E-Mail | Web Site
Nice site!
24 November 2010 - Brisbane

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