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Moonlightflower | E-Mail | Web Site
You have really come a LONG way with your website and I am very IMPRESSED. There is one graphic set in particular that I may use but I haven't finished the story or poem it will go with. I'll let you know. I also sent that info to some friends of mine too.
The poem about What's Happened could apply to the USA too. Sad state of's all about the money and that certainly won't get anybody into heaven but will keep some out.
I am glad you are feeling better. ;-)
I'd like the code for the select this number if it isn't built in to your server.
17 September 2007 - TEXAS

Thank you so much for your newest update. I truly enjoyed all of your poems, as I always do. You know I have a special fondness for your romantic ones. And I enjoyed reading once more, Beneath A Sleeping Moon, such a powerful poem! But I have to say, Silence Is Not Golden is absolutely wonderful and the graphics were perfect. I loved the hands held in prayer. I hope you are doing much better now. It seems lately I have had to deal with my turn with the depression, hopefully it will soon pass. I go to see the eye doctor again on September 24th for a check up. I still cannot see well at my computer. I have learned to type in Word Perfect first using large font and then copying and pasting after I have the message done in smaller font. It is a blessing to know you dear friend, please give my greetings and love to Sharon. Take gentle care of yourself. God bless.
Love Always,
17 September 2007 - Salem, Oregon USA

Francine | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie as usual I enjoyed all your works, you surely know how to touch the heart and soul, at least for this poet, I am honored to know you and always find your words expressing your heart very easy to equate to. Thank you for that special heart. Your friend always, Francine
15 September 2007 - Long Island, New York

Dot aka Sunshine | E-Mail | Web Site
Its always a pleasure to view your new pages, they are superb. The poems are great and the web sets just right for the poems. You obviously put a lot of time and thought into each page. Great job and God bless you and yours.
14 September 2007 - Over the range and out in the blue yonder

Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Dearest Eddie: All of your poetry is so very awesome. Thank you dear friend for sending your newsletter.

"WHEN I SAY I LOVE YOU," and "JUST THE TWO OF US," are such beautiful love poems. You and I were lucky to find our best friend, spouse, and true love!

"REFLECTIONS," and "BENEATH A SLEEPY MOON," remind me of some of my own times.

"SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN," is so very truthful too!

Love your poetry!
Love ~n~Hugs,
14 September 2007 - West Seneca, New York USA

Linda | E-Mail
You're messages just get better and better. Keep up the good work.
14 September 2007 - USA

Ceil | E-Mail
Thanks got Reflections. I really think ones eyes reveal things to others that we are unaware of.
14 September 2007 - USA

Tina | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie.

Sorry to hear you have been sick. I am glad you are feeling better. I enjoyed my visit to your site today. The pages were great. Thanks for sharing them. I am sorry I have not gotten around to signing your guestbook in awhile. It really does seem that taking care of two sites is more work. Seems to take so much of my time. But I wanted to let you know I had not forgotten you. I was here and I enjoyed my visit. Thanks so much.

God bless you and your family,
14 September 2007 - USA

Wanda | E-Mail
I enjoy your poems so much! Most especially, I enjoy the ones you have created with your wife in mind. They are so beautifully done!!
14 September 2007 - Indiana USA

Dawn | E-Mail | Web Site
The Lord bless you
and keep you.
The Lord make His face shine upon you
and be gracious to you.
The Lord turn his face upon you
and give you peace.
14 September 2007 - Spokane, WA

Sopitikoj | E-Mail | Web Site

Wow!!! Your site is beautiful!! I love the artwork.

8 September 2007 - UK

Doris Johnston | E-Mail
Thank you for an interesting site.
6 September 2007 - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Ron Bezant | E-Mail
Very nice web pages.
6 September 2007 - Milton, Ontario, Cnada

Pam Gallo | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie:
I had to stop in to just let you know that I am thinking of you and hope all is well with you my friend. It is the last holiday weekend of summer here and I have to say that I think I blinked and its over. Not that it was such a grand and eventful summer, but you know me and the cold....brrrrr weather. The bones are just too old and brittle.
My best wishes to Sharon and the family and I look forward to your new updates. I also wanted to thank you for the dynamic graphics that have been gracing the pages of numerous pages at MTR. You are getting rave reviews. Thank you Eddie.
Fondly: Pam
1 September 2007 - America

Louise O'Connor | E-Mail
dear knight-I found your site browsing one nit. I am a cancer patient that was given 6 months March 4 of 2003.yes God is good. I am still a cancer patient after 132 chemo treaments but first I know it is because the day of diagnosis I put it in Gods hands.your site facinates me, not only the poetry but our beliefs are word for word. You take me out of my world into yours which I am grateful. I know the lord is with you and I can feel the kindness and warmth through your poems and your jokes on your funny page. Take care and know HE is with you always and somebody out here thinks you are great.
1 September 2007 - Indiana

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