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Southbreeze | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie:
I have just visited your new pages and truly enjoyed all of them. I can't say I enjoyed one more than the other because they all contain your unique way of writing that brings the reader into a state of feelings that know most come from your heart. It's a privilege for us to see into your heart and Messenger certainly revealed those thoughts.
Thank you for sharing your God given talent with us.
Love and God Bless
1 October 2007 - USA

Fjola Roberts | E-Mail
Awesome web site.
1 October 2007 - Duncan British Columbia Canada

Kacey (Anne) | Web Site
Hi Eddie

It has been a very busy summer for me.
So sorry I have not gotten to your mail for a long time.
I love your new poems..The Call and the rest are lovely, but I do love your wit on "Mondays" cute.
Keep up the good work and God bless.
I'm sure you were just having a bad day, maybe feeling sorry for Eddie? **LOL**

Anyway, it was darling!

Love and hugs to all.
1 October 2007 - Virginia, USA

Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie: I enjoyed all of your lovely poems this week, and yes I'm sure many of our pens are guided by God above.

Mondays, was a real winner too, as so many of us felt that way when we worked. I look back now and said to David, "I can't believe we worked all week and Saturday I cleaned, you cleaned the car and shopped!"
Now we have plenty of time, and I just love it Eddie! After forty-four years of work I've had enough! Lol!

The Garden gate I'm sure will be glorious up in heaven. I hope to see my parents and all pets and all those poor flowers I did kill quite by accident, Lol!

Crying In The Rain...I've felt like that too. It's so hard to loose a loved one. I felt deserted when my Mother died. it took me a good two years to get my act together. That was in 1968. Life's lessons are so hard, and then the joyful times are so great!

I always enjoy your beautiful poems. They touch my heart! You are a great writer, and very humble. God Bless You Eddie, and your wife and family. I keep all of you in prayers. ~Angel Hugs~ Joyce

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1 October 2007 - West Seneca, New York USA

1 October 2007 - FL. USA

Marcella Paverud | E-Mail | Web Site
Enjoy your site very much so keep up the good work. Sorry to hear of the drought over there and will keep them in my prayers.
1 October 2007 - North Dakota, USA

Francine | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie, enjoyed your work as I always do but was particularly touched by "Crying in the Rain" such a beautiful verse. Thanks for sharing your heart and talent with the world. Love you from the bottom of my heart, your friend ~ Always Francine
1 October 2007 - Long Island, New York

Moira | E-Mail | Web Site
I enjoed your poems as I always do. thank you for sharing.
Best wishes,
1 October 2007 - Australia

Dot aka Sunshine | E-Mail | Web Site
Thank you Eddie, great job as usual. I had a chuckle while reading Mondays, now aint that the truth. I hope you and Sharon are well, take care.
1 October 2007 - Think you know

Pam Gallo | E-Mail | Web Site
Hey there My Friend Eddie:
I know its been awhile since I touched base, so I decided to get my butt over here tonight and do that. I want to thank you for the pesky flu bug you sent my way. I just had to make mention of that, so you not think me rude for not thanking you....I have been working ( sick) on the little old blue hairs, puppy sitting for my sons 2 pups plus my own 4....and I have to say I am busier then a one armed zoo keeper with a broken poooper scoooper....hahahaha...I guess you saw the updated Gathering...and I wanted to thank you for being in attendance with your fellow poets at Moments to remember. You were the life of the party as usual...lolz.
I hope this finds you well My friend...I will touch base over the weekend...
Always: Pam
27 September 2007 - Long Island New York

Kevin | E-Mail | Web Site
I just read your poem "Live a Life of Love" I enjoy it very much,it's very meaningful, the words so right,thank you for sharing your great talent!
25 September 2007 - U.S.A

Andrea | Web Site
I know I am late getting here, but life has just been a bit jumbled lately..
"When I Say I Love You" and "Just The Two Of Us" are just so romantic and very heart touching poems. I know that Sharon dearly loved them!! Just beautiful!!
"Beneath A Sleeping Moon" is so sad.. The use of alcohol has killed and hurt so many, let alone tore families apart.
"Reflections" is so true. As we look into others eyes we can see the truth of the truth of them, whether illness or problems. The eyes show it all.
"Silence Is Not Golden" is such a true statement, and we need to spread God's word more.
"What Happened" is a good one for America too. The olden times have chaged to 'this'?? The family unit, the sharing of God's word, the loving and trusting of neighbors.. all of it has changed. I can remember when a family unit was strong and each helped the other. The country recognized "In God We Trust"!!
All pages were wonderful, my friend, and it is always such a treat to visit with you. I truly loved my visit!
God bless!!
24 September 2007 - KY, USA

I really enjoyed your pages...thank you for sharing your incredible life with all of us...Your words are very heartfelt and sincere...
24 September 2007 - Ohio...USA

Ann Marie | E-Mail
Hi Eddie, I just finished reading your last updat & i enjoyed every poem but my favorite was,"Silence Is Not Golden" Your words were truth and the music & graphics were perfect. Glad you are feeling better. Hug that sweet wife of yours & enjoy just being the two of you.
18 September 2007 - Alabama,USA

Gianna | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie,your last set of poems....wonderful
I wouldn't know which one is my favorite .
Reflections, Just The Two Of Us, Silence Is Not Golden.....Beneth A Sleeping Moon.....powerful!
Take care Eddie God Bless.
18 September 2007 - On_Can

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