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Pablo Valle | Web Site
Hi, very nice things and beautiful poetry inside...greetings and happy week!!
11 October 2007 - Barcelona, Spain

Margaret | E-Mail
Enjoyed your site
11 October 2007 - USA

Andrea | Web Site
I am so sorry I am so late.. But, have had a bit of problems here, and finally getting straightened around a bit.
I loved all the selections, and especially The Garden Gate. Oh, the peace it brings to me. I truly needed to read it.. Each one was a blessing, as you always have wonderful poems!
I also enjoyed browsing through your lovely backgrounds. You amaze me at the beauty in both poems and graphics!
God bless you always!!
8 October 2007 - KY, USA

carmen | E-Mail
I love your site, it is inspirtational . I am a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Los Angeles Police Department. One of my co-workers just moved to Australia, I hope to visit there one day when my budget permits. Anyway keep of the marvelous work.
7 October 2007 - California-USA

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello my good friend Eddie:
I finally got here i wasnt scrolling all the way down. My my what a beautiful site to visit, I feel so blessed. I sure enjoy all the updated you share with me. You do awesome work Eddie ... Since Jim went to heaven I have been off line for while but am getting back to do more pages now and then...I'm still having such a rough time and I know God will heal me in His time..I know Jim is having a wonderful time with His Lord and how he longed to go home ...but it hurts so much. I just want to wish you and your family God's very best and be assured I keep you all in my daily prayers. Love in Jesus, blessings Bernice
7 October 2007 - Canada


5 October 2007 - TORONTO CANADA

Ann Marie Fisher | E-Mail
Hello again Eddie,

I have been out of state for awhile & just getting to read your latest updates. All were good but my personal favorites were, "That Call" and "Mondays"

I was always anxious for Mondays because I came from the only week-end activity for a young person or teen was watching moss grow on trees. LOL I have always enjoyed going back to work on Monday's even as an adult.

You surely gave me a chuckle over that poem. Have a wonderful week Dear Friend.
4 October 2007 - Alabama, USA

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
Well, I'm sorry, I am a 'day late and a dollar short', but slowly getting back into the swing of things. I must tell you that I loved all your pages with this update!!! I will be praying that the drought will end in your beloved land!
Eddie, you are 'A Messenger"~~~and you have left an indelible message with me~~~and with many others as well. "That Call'~~~what a lovely memorable line, "For when you learn to love yourself, you too will learn to love all else. Reading 'Mondays" left me laughing out loud with the line, 'go to work where I get paid'!!!!! The Garden Gate is indeed, God's Garden.
Oh, how I can relate to 'Crying in the Rain', and I'm waiting for that day when there will be no more~~tears.
God works through you, my dear friend.
God Bless and remember...........
U R Loved.
4 October 2007 - Iowa USA

Pam Gallo | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie:
I was so happy to have gotten your newest updates. By the way...Happy Spring , and I am doing a rain dance here for you. The pages thisupdate were totally awesome as always My friend.
I especially enjoyed reading The Messenger and the Garden Gate...Bravo. They are both excellent. I got to Mondays...and It was a broken link on my end of things...So maybe I will get to view that one sometime in the near future.
I do hope this finds you and all who you love well. Know as always I carry you in My thoughts, hart and prayers.
Always: Pam
2 October 2007 - America

Jay Abbey | E-Mail
My first visit to your site. Beautiful poetry and inspirational words. I'm sure I will be back. Thank you.
2 October 2007 - England. UK

Ann | E-Mail
Kudos to you. LOL I really don't know what kudos are, but I do know they are like a thumbs up. I kind of read your pages backwards. The last one I read was about you meeting your wife, etc. I admire that you can write so well about your life and your feelings. Your testimony page was excellent. I truly enjoyed reading it and agree with your writing there. I may even quote you on some things. Keep up the good work and may God bless you in your life, family, and your walk with Him. I love Him more than life and can't wait to see Him face to face. Hallelujah!
2 October 2007 - Pennsylvania, USA

JoAnn Confer | E-Mail | Web Site
I read a poem that you wrote for Carolyn's Precious Momories and really enjoyed it. "The Rock" I decided to look at your web site and read it with great interest. I didn't have time to look at all of it, but I will be checking back soon. Sometimes when your looking for more in your life someone's poetry hit's home and after reading it you feel so much better. It has a calming affect on you. I am sure I will enjoy reading your things.
2 October 2007 - Williamsport, Pa. U.S.A.

Bobbi Carroll | E-Mail | Web Site
I read one of your poems on Carolyn"s Precious Memories. Thank you for writing what you do.
2 October 2007 - Northern California,U.S.A.

ruby sapsky | E-Mail
I have just entered your site for the first time and already I know it will be one that I come back to often. I can't wait to enter. The song on the first page Unchained Melody has already brought back good memories of a childhood friend that has passed on to be with Jesus.
2 October 2007 - Texas City Texas

Kathie | E-Mail
Hi Eddie,
That was so very well put, I have often wondered that myself , but you put it in the exact way it should have been put, thank you , that was my help for the day. God Bless. PS. the first poem.
1 October 2007 - Australia

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