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Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie: I enjoyed all of your terrific poetry today! Sorry I am not commenting on each individual one, as I am getting ready for tomorrow's surgery to remove the port. That was where they inserted the chemo.

God Bless you and yours, and thank you for your visit my dear friend!
Love Always,
1 November 2007 - West Seneca, New York USA

Mae Whitney | E-Mail
Your site is as a precious jewel. It is charming and informative.
1 November 2007 - Woburn,Massachusetts,USA

Francine | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful pages. You have a very special heart and it always shows through in your writings. So glad to call you friend. God Bless.
Love Francine
1 November 2007 - Long Island, New York

Sunshine aka Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
I enjoyed reading the latest poems especially "My Relationship with God" and I got a laugh reading " The Dance" how true is that. Your poems are great as they are written from the heart. Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on the safe arrival of little Coen. Congrats to the new parents too.
1 November 2007 - Out bush where all the flies are, plenty for sharing.

Sandy | E-Mail
Just read Walk in The Park.I really did enjoy it.I love all of your writings.Keep up the good work looking forward to your next newsletter.Sandy
1 November 2007 - Las Vegas,NV

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
AND REMEMBER....................................
THE DANCE~~~~~made my day!!!!!
31 October 2007 - Iowa USA

Patricia Clements | E-Mail
I have enjoyed your poetry for almost a year now. it is aways so very interesting each and every one of the poems, I have recomended your site to all of my friends and most all of them have signed us for your poems and newsletters, we all look forward to them each month. Please keep up the excellent work you are doing , and may God Bless & keep you. Sincerly, Patricia Clements
31 October 2007 - Greensboro,NC (USA)

Melva | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
It's good to have your update in my mail again! And with such sweet news, a new grandson! I can see with 11 that you and Sharon would stay very busy!
It does seem odd to me that you have summer while we are shivering it will be so cold! :)
How I enjoyed your wonderful poetry, and loved the graphics which set them off perfectly! And beautiful music to enhance all!
"A Walk in The Park" was a different 'love' poem, and oh so sweet!
I know what you meant when you wrote"My Relationship With God" cause I have certainly been there! It's a beautiful poem full of Love and Hope....
"The Dance" was quite an experience, and I felt that I was there watching those people! The poem just put me right there...
"Missing You" was very sad but another one that drew me into it...
And "Thank You" is a very special poem, and it is so good to have that kind of friend when we are feeling good, and also in need...A true friend is there through it all...Loving you, and helping you through...
God bless you Eddie, and I am glad you are back....You have been missed...
31 October 2007 - USA

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
Sorry, I missed the DANCE~~~~~literally, for some reason my system won't let me pull it up~~~~even rebooted to no avail, but got to see the rest of this weeks list, and what a diverse and heartfelt set of poems!!! You NEVER disappoint!!!!
'A Walk in the Part'~~~a chance to "Forget for a while, the hassles, or any kind of strife'~~~~and we all need to do that sometimes~~~~last weekend was my 'lost weekend'~~~~did me a world of good!!!
'My Relationship With God'~~~~"The sun does shine much brighter now, my life is born~~~' praying we all have that feeling of being "born again"~~~~~excellent write!!!
'Missing You' reminds me of my fantasy walk of unrequited love~~~~and the mind just wanders......
You have such beautiful thoughts~~~~
'Thank You'~~~~should also be extended to you, Eddie, for you are always there for those of us who need your gentle touch.
God works through your work~~~~
God Bless and remember.............
U R Loved
31 October 2007 - Iowa USA

Dee | E-Mail
I really enjoy your site. It has helped me when I was feeling down.
31 October 2007 - Ardmore, Oklahoma

Kathryn | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello My Friend ....

It's nice to see a newsletter in my mail this morning!
Coagulations on your new grand baby ... How wonderful to welcome a new little life into your family. I have just two grandchildren. One grandson and granddaughter.
Of course that will probably be it for me. My daughter is the only one that is married.
If anyone understands the depression, my friend, you know I sure do.
I love the "Walk in the Park" I wish I could, but still the knee problem. Walking is minimal. I love "My Relationship With God" He is the only one that is going to get us through the trials we face. Even in my deepest depression, in my heart I knew he never has forsaken me. I sure do agree with you on the "Dance. Give me a waltz any day. "Missing You" pulls at the heart and your "Thank You" page is wonderful and heartflet. Great pages Eddie. I do hope you're feeling better and can stay on the up swing of things.
You are in my prayers.
God bless you and your family,
31 October 2007 - Michigan, USA

Kathie | E-Mail
That is beautiful, if everyone took a walk in the park, and enjoyed each others company, there would be less strife in our lives...Bless you Eddie.
31 October 2007 - Australia

Sharon/AngelHeart | E-Mail | Web Site
My Dearest Eddie,
It has been awhile, I went offline, my computer mother board burned slam up ,my precious sister in law bought me another computer, and I am now trying to rebuild my own domain and Vista won't let me use my graphics program ,so will be snaggin a few of your sets as I go adding, I will try best I can to catch up ,I know I have missed alot of your poetry.I send wishes of happiness and blessings to you and your Sharon and hope you are well my friend!
And will see you at MTR:)
29 October 2007 - Virginia Beach Va~US

Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie: "THAT CALL," is so beautiful! We will have something going on in our lives, and if we just will take that call we will have eternal life! God Bless You and yours Eddie!
Love Always,
29 October 2007 - West Seneca, NY USA

Gloria | E-Mail | Web Site
You have a lovely site..

Happy Halloween.

Thank you.
23 October 2007 - Argentina

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