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Barbara | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie,
Just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate, your beautiful poetry. I always look forward to receiving your updates, I forward many on to others.
Thank you so much for being such a blessing to so many. Just wanted you to know, your doing a fantastic work of art! God Bless you and yours,,,,
Again thank you so much.
14 February 2008 - Michigan

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
It seems that I have lost a lot of my Guest Book messages.

I have no idea what has happened but my apologies to those who have left a message and has had it removed.

All messages from November 2007 through to now have gone and I cannot even restore them from the Backup file.

Thank you to all who call by and visit.

God bless

8 February 2008 - Brisbane, Australia

Sharon/Partridgelady | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie, just going through my emails and seemed to have overlooked your last update, which I have just now read. Very nice poems as always, I so enjoy reading your work and seeing your nice graphics. I'm sorry to hear that you were depressed for a while again, I'm sure these bouts take their toll, but hopefully they will occur less and less often for you. What a wonderful thing it is that your poetry comes from your soul. I've started to write a bit, I hope you've read the MTR from Pam, she has encouraged me so much and I enjoy writing. I love how she makes the backgrounds to go with the poem. Wait until you see the next one she did for me, called Ode to my Back Fusion. Yes, the reason I missed your last email, I was in hospital for just a bit, having had surgery on my back with a bone graft. I am doing well at home now for 2 weeks. My sweetie is taking good care of me up in our loft where I have TV, computers, music, easy chairs and our guest bedroom where we have been sleeping. I am not allowed to go up and down stairs alone yet so this is the best for a while. Friends have been bringing in food, so delicious and I am starting to feel really good.. Again, thanks for your wonderful work, keep it up.
8 November 2007 - NW MI

Carolyn | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
I am sorry again to be late in signing in your book. Please don't ever think anything bad about not getting to mine. I do understand totally.
I have enjoyed all of your latest poems again.
My Relationship with God is wondeful. Yes He can and will do anything for us. I am always so happy to read about others loving our God.
The Dance made me smile. I too don't like rap or the new thing they call dancing. I love the good old days.
At least we could understand the words and what we were doing. smiles
A Walk In The Park, that is something we use to do more, and with the fast times we don't take the time now. Thank You so much for reminding us about good time and peace just by taking a walk or stroll in the park.
My thoughts and prayers are going up for you Eddie with your depression. I am glad to know you do have your wife Sharon by your side through the hard days. And most of all you do have our Lord with you too.
God Bless You and I will keep you in my prayers.
Congratulations on You and Sharon being Grandma and Grandpa again. Whow you have many grandchildren. Nothing like being Grandparents.
Thank you for your wonderful friendship
7 November 2007 - Fresno, Ca

7 November 2007 - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
It's so wonderful to read your newsletter again, I have missed you. Depression is something that I deal with on a regular basis, some days worse than others, but I certainly can relate with you. So glad that you are doing better and up to writing and sending out updates again. I thoroughly enjoyed all your offerings from "Walk in the Park" to "Thank You". These poems take you through a journey that is much like the ones that depression takes us through. I PRAISE GOD daily for His Mighty Hand that Lovingly and Gently guides me back into a place that is happy and comfortable once again.

Thank you for featuring Shy's Corner of Blessings in your newsletter. I give my Savior, Jesus Christ all the glory for each page that is there. I thank all the many wonderful christian friends such as yourself who have shared with us the gifts the Lord God has given them.

I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I ask you to do the same for me. God bless you in all that you endeavor to do for Him.

In Christ' love and mine, Shy

Gayle | E-Mail | Web Site
Eddie I enjoyed so much the poem My Relationiship With God. It is so true that He is with us each step of the way and if we allow and heed His guidance our lives will be much better. A Walk In The Park is another wonderful piece of work. We do need to take time from our busy schedules and enjoy the nature God has blessed us with. Just another wonderful send out as always. I look forward to each one and never am I disappointed.
Thank you for the great compliment you left in my guestbook on Those Little Pills poem I wrote at the request of a grandmother suffering through the addiction of her daughter. My heart goes out to every person dealing with this problem in life. Look forward to the next send out, It is always a special treat to read your beautiful poetry. God bless you and yours always,.
6 November 2007 - Alabama, USA

Ann Marie | E-Mail
Hi Eddie, I have planned to sign your guestbook & finally I am doing so. I loved " A Walk In The Park". We become so busy scurrying through life that we often miss so much along the way. "The Dance" gave me a really hearty laugh & "Missing You" brought some lovely memories to mind. Your poem on your relationship with God was absolutely wonderful. What a blessed testimony. "Thank You" is what we, your loyal readers should do..for your poetry is soooo good. Best wishes go to you & Sharon on the birth of a new Grandchild. Have a lovely day Dear Friend.
6 November 2007 - Alabama, USA

HEATHER | Web Site
Hello Eddie, it was nice seeing you in my gb, your always
welcome there. I have been taking some time off this pc,
there is so much more to life. I looked at all your last up
dates as usual all were excellent. Anyway I am so glad to
see you out and about, God Bless you Eddie.
5 November 2007 - CALIF

Abilene | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi there Eddie, how are you doing? The site is looking great and wonderful! I like what I see here. God bless you!
5 November 2007 - Hawaii

Andrea | Web Site
Eddie, my dear friend, I enjoyed each page share this mailing. A Walk In The Park - what we all need, and to hold our loved ones hand and just 'enjoy'! Time out to be together! Your "Relationship With God', a very inspiring one. And yes, He trods with us where ever we go, when we open our hearts to Him, inviting Him in. We all need a relationship with God! "The Dance" would be a funny one, but is so true. The new 'dance' and music is so different, and the rap I will never understand.. 'Missing You' is touching, though a desire to have a 'love lost'. Beautifully done. And the "Thank You" poem is something done so well. There are many we can call friends, but then there are those that are there when you need help or support, and never expect anything back.. Like you were with me, just not too long ago, and I owe you a big 'Thank You' for being there when I truly needed you, and your free help you did give. Even though it fell through, you were there, and helping me through the tough parts. You are a very special friend.. God bless you, Eddie.. for being you..
4 November 2007 - KY, USA

Tina | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I know you and your family must be thrilled!

I am sorry to hear you have been down. I do hope you are feeling better. I had been wondering why you were so quite. I missed hearing from you.

I enjoyed your updates very much. They were all great! I felt I was there in the park, in A Walk In The Park. I also felt I was there in the dance hall. I guess that is the wonderful thing about poetry. Just for a moment in our mind's eye we can go to far away places. Thanks so much for the great send out!

May God bless you and your family!
4 November 2007 - TX/USA

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie my good friend, just finished reading your lovely poems, what a beautiful site you have my its so much to see and read..I feel so blessed, Keep up the great work .....I want you to know daily I pray for you and all my friends. I thank you for all the little things you did for me in the group. I always knew I could count on Eddie... Congratulations on your new precious gift from God.. You have a lovely family now and I'm sure you are enjoying them if they are near you. Let me encourage you that YOU are beautiful to Jesus and He loves His children so much....Thank you for the kind words you left in my guestbook... My heart cries out in pain but I know one day we will all meet again, Amen.. Eddie you take care continue to be a blessing,
love you in Jesus, Bernice
4 November 2007 - Canada

Pam Gallo | E-Mail
Dear Eddie...I have sat here commenting on each and evryone of your updates which are wonderful and touching...Mind you...each and everyone. which of course went on and on.....Then I hit the wrong button ( a blonde thing) and loose it all....Which only leads me to think, I better return back here tomorrow with a clearer head...and do this...But in the meantime..Please know I was everything...loved everything...and I will be back....I have had my head in some other world this past week. ...Just not myself.Please know I am thinking of you and hope all is well Dear friend. Please touch base when you can. I appreciate all the kind and caring comments left behind in the MTR guestbook about Our dear friend Les. I know how Much he cared for You and How very much You for him..
3 November 2007 - America...I think

Moonlightflower | E-Mail | Web Site
I am enjoying reading your updates. Eddie you have really come a long way in your computing skills with your website. I am very proud of you and your words too. Your walk with God poem is fantastic!
2 November 2007 - Texas

George | E-Mail
Sure glad to have someone like you for a friend Eddie
1 November 2007 - Gouldsboro Penn

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