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Judy | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie been a long time since I have been to your site to visit and Melva sponsored one of your pages in her mail out today and loved the poem you had on it and the background went with it perfect. And The Heavens Opened was the name and just beautiful. Just got my site opened back up a little before Christmas and so good to be back with my friends again. God bless Judy
22 January 2012 - NY

Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
Your site is amazing Eddie, the best I've ever seen. It's a credit to you. I've just been trying to get enthused about mine and do more and ended up here. Hope this finds you and Sharon and the rest of the family doing well. All the best for 2012.
18 January 2012 - In Joe's Country and proud of it.

Webmaster comments   Thank you Dot. I do need to try and get some motivation going and get back to updating this site more often. Thanks for the visit.

Southbreeze | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie! It seems such a while that I have heard from you. I'm so happy to hear from you. I appreciated your comment on "Fly Away" and I would love to hear the music for one of your poems! If it is available please let me know. I'm so proud of you!
I hope your family is doing well. It has truly been a lot of years. we have known each other. You have been such an inspiration to me..
13 January 2012 - USA

Peter Nortje | E-Mail
Reading about you crossing has brought back many memories.
My wife and I drove from Perth to Melbourne April 1969.
Our trusty car was a Mini Morris 850 1963 model.
The saets were modified so we could sleep in the car,we had a large roof rack with 2 spare wheels petrol water folding chair and a small barbeque.
The trip took 2 weeks as we had a good look at the country.The car did not miss a beat and can remember operating the glass fuel pumps at 2 farms.We had spent a year in Perth after arrining from Rhodesia. We now live at Mount Tamborine SE Qld.


8 October 2011 - Queensland

Webmaster comments   Thank you, yes the trip across Australia was a real "adventure" in those days with hundreds of miles of nothing but rough dirt road. I can recall driving for hours and hours in choking dust. Don't live that far from you now, been at Redland Bay (SE Qld) since early 1990's. A small world no doubt, and it is possible that I might have even filled your car with petrol, when you drove through Norseman (Western Australia) as I used to work at one of the two roadhouses there part time in the late 1960's.

Gord Hallett | E-Mail
Every Nov 11 I send a "Lest we forget" message, this year I will include some of your material. Thank you
26 September 2011 - 823 Greystone Court, Oshawa Ontario Canada

steven groves | E-Mail
Thank you so much for this poem. I lost my soul a piece at a time as a child and I would have loved to have had this poem then, rather than now. But it is never too late, at least I hope, for all of us and for me.
22 August 2011 - Texas

Webmaster comments   Hello Steven,

I am guessing you are referring to the poem "Storm on the Horizon". If so I am happy that reading it has been of help to you (and others who suffered as children). I wrote this poem to help rid myself of some of the demons of my own past. As you say it is never too late and one day we can all hopefully find that "Sunshine on the Horizon" that is out there, although for many of us seems to be very well hidden for a long, long time.

Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly I thank God that you are now finding the sunshine.

God bless


Nancy Bates | E-Mail
Sister to the Author of Living and Dying.
He was from Arnold, MO USA
Drafted shortly after he graduated from Fox High School
18 August 2011 - Missouri, USA

Webmaster comments   Thank you for this information. I will add that to the page shortly.

Andie | E-Mail | Web Site
Beautiful poetry ~
Inspiring ~ Heartfelt ~ Insightful
Thank you Eddie and may God bless you and your loved ones and keep you safe always.
17 August 2011 - Arizona

Ron | E-Mail
English investor in Norseman gold just spending some time looking around the web and read the article. Really interesting. Thanks
6 August 2011 - Singapore

Sandy | E-Mail
It is so nice to to get your newsletter last week.I have to confess I was wondering where you were.Sorry to hear your are having so many health problems.But your poems are still as good as usual.Will look forward to hearing from you again.Loved Nightmare I to have some pretty scary ones.A friend always,Sandy
4 August 2011 - Gordonville,PA

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Eddie, thanks for the update...It was so great to get mail from you, I have missed all the lovely shares. I been wondering how you been doing..I keep you always in my daily prayers and also little Coen..Your pages are so inspiring, you are a blessing.. God is still on His throne, one beautiful day we will all be away from hurt and pain, but until then, we continue to give HIM all the praise and glory.. My Sites been down for long time, praying they be up and running soon...May God continue to bless you and your family!
2 August 2011 - Canada

SERVED IN VIETNAM ..... 5 RAR 1st TOUR .... C Coy
386 days .... long enough
1 August 2011 - AUSTRALIA

Margaret Rowlett | E-Mail | Web Site
Love Your Site , Have been a fan for a long time , Hope you get to feeling better real soon.
30 July 2011 - Virginia , USA

Dot | E-Mail
A wonderful surprise to read your latest update. I loved all the poems and sets, just great. Congrats to you and Sharon on the birth of a new Grandson, and congrats to the new parents too. Wonderful news. Take care and I hope to see more of your wonderful poems next month. I especially loved the one about Sunshine. I love the winter sun and the deep blue sky of winter. Where would we be without the sun and Son. Thanks Eddie, God bless you and Yours.
27 July 2011 - SE Queensland

Ceil | E-Mail
I enjoyed "Do It" It is something I try to do but at times I put it off.
27 July 2011 - USA

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