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Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
I hope you and yours had a great Easter. I loved your poem called "Tranquility", I love sitting and looking at God's creations, His great outdoors does have a calming effect. We'll be thinking of you on the 2nd and like your poem "Hope", we'll be hoping for a favourable outcome with no nasty surprises.
27 March 2008 - Up the road a bit from you

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Howdy Eddie, greetings from Canada...I want to say thanks for the nice shares. I just read , In His Footsteps what a blessing as all your pages...So true to walk daily in His footsteps and stay close to our Lord ..I do want to wish you and your family God's best...take care my friend and I pray God will continue to use you for His glory.. If you like to add my website feel free to do so..I dont know how to link to sites ..I have to learn that soon...All the best...God bless you !!
26 March 2008 - Canada

Cindy Ward | E-Mail
I have a seriously mentally and physically disabled 32 year old son Willie Ward.

Could you add him to your prayers?

What a beautiful site and thank you, God bless and stay healthy
24 March 2008 - usa,north andover ma

23 March 2008 - USA
Melva | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
Celebrating the Love of Jesus with you and your family today!
God Bless you!

John | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
Wishing you and yours, this very special morning, a happy blessed Easter.

23 March 2008 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Doris Fuller | E-Mail | Web Site
Howdy Eddie,
I'm happy to be back on your mailing list so I can read your very profound & helpful words. I also want to wish you & your a Happy Easter & may it be filled with family as well as love, peace & happiness from God. I really was taken with your poem Serenity since I have to forgive the person who was the hit &run driver that caused Becky's accident. I just want to think about the love of God & our dear sweet Becky & maybe God will bless her with a recovery to her life & she will be close to the Becky she was before that day.
22 March 2008 - Fort Worth Texas USA

Pam Gallo | E-Mail | Web Site
My Dear Friend Eddie and Family:
Thank you so very Much for Your Kind thoughts left behind and always treasured in The Moments to Remember Guestbook. I had to come by to firstly wish you and Yours a Blessed Easter.
I did have a chance in the midst of trying to catch up with the mega load of back e mail to visit for awhile and get to read your heart touching updates. Of course they all inspire and touch my heart deeply But the One that I shall take with me this Day is :

Direct My FootSteps.

For the Steps I am taking
Throughout this life of mine
Are the things that You are noting
Within that book of time.
Peace and Blessings My Dear Eddie and Sharon.

 Copyright Jean Adams 2008
Four Sites In One
22 March 2008 - America

Joyce Ann Geyer | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie & Sharon: ~*~HAPPY EASTER~*~
All of your poetry rocks! So fine, and I love reading your beauties Eddie!
Have a wonderful day as I know you are one day ahead so it is Easter there today!
God Bless You and Yours!
Love Always,
22 March 2008 - West Seneca, New York USA

22 March 2008 - Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
It's good to be visiting with you again. What a wonderful array of poems and beautiful pages you have shared this week. As always I enjoyed reading them all and taking home with me something to think about. Thank you for sharing with me and have a wonderful Easter.

Love in Christ, Shy

Carolyn | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
I will return next week to read your latest poems and sign then. I have a close friend for over 30 years that is not expected to live over night, and I have to get off now. But I had to come to wish you and your family a very wonderful and Blessed Easter. I will be back though.

Blessings Eddie always
21 March 2008 - Fresno, Ca USA

Dee | Web Site

Hello Eddie, I so loved Tranquility.

I also have a Tranquility page that I myself visit daily. It is what this World needs most now.

It is one of my favorite words...along with peace, serenity, grace, hope, etc.

With wishes for a Blessed and glorious weekend.

Thank you from DEE!
21 March 2008 - PA - USA

Francine | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Ed, just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a "Blessed Easter" filled with God's Love and Blessing on all those that you love. I hope that each day brings you a little miracle. You are a warm and beautiful soul filled with caring and unconditional love. Take care and have a wonderful Easter.
God Bless you and yours. Love Francine

21 March 2008 - Long Island, New York

Ann Marie | E-Mail
Good Morning Eddie, I just finished reading your latest update. WOW ! All were really good but as usual I have favorites. "Direct My Footsteps" was awesome & Special Moments wasa real blessing to me. Eddie, you mentioned that you were soon going to go in the hospital. Dear One, I will start praying now that all will go well & your needs cared for swiftly. God Bless & Have a Happy Easter with your Sharon.
21 March 2008 - Alabama, U.S.A.

Kathie | E-Mail
Hi Eddie.
So great to hear from you once again,
The poem, Love One Another.. is truly beautiful, mere words fail to express my appreciation of those ever so toucing words you penned. You Eddie are so Blessed by our Dear Lord and Saviour.. God Bless Eddie.. Your friend Kathie..
20 March 2008 - Australia

Sharon/AngelHeart | E-Mail | Web Site
Happy Happy Easter Eddie to you and your Sharon and your family.May it be very blessed for you:)

20 March 2008 - Virginia~US

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