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Samantha | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello Dear Friend, Eddie.
Tears flowed as I finished reading "Gone Home" What a Beautiful Tribute to All that have served!
You and your family are in my prayers, Eddie. You have been given so much to deal with, and at times I do not understand why good people have to suffer. You are truly one of those wonderful, good people! Sometimes I feel sad for myself, and then I remember: "I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man, who had no feet"!
Thank you for the link back to "Keyboards" and (as always) I look forward to your next update. I have been inactive (on my Website) for a long time; However, I have never missed reading your updates.
Blessings to you and your wonderful family, Eddie!
Love In Christ,
7 May 2008 - USA

Dorothy | E-Mail | Web Site
Great poems Eddie, "Your love has lifted me" is beautiful, and all parents relate to "Time Out". I hope Coen is soon out of hospital and I hope your surgery is scheduled soon as its good when its over and done with. Thinking of you all.
7 May 2008 - Qld. Aust.

Dee McKinnon | E-Mail
I love your site. Thank you so much sharing with us.
I pray that God will give you and your family good health, happiness and joy.
6 May 2008 - Oklahoma

Ceil | E-Mail
Hi Eddie, thanks for Here I Am. You phrased it so well. Also for Reminisce---it brought back many fond memories.
6 May 2008 - Wisconsin

Phyllis M Beaver | E-Mail
I have just found your site and think it is wonderful
so Christion and good, I am still exploring, I will make it one of my stops every day, I am 83 years young and love the Lord, keep up the good work its outstanding
I am a world War 2 war bride from the UK now I live in Ohio USA regards PHYLLIS
6 May 2008 - Lorain Ohio

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
My heart goes out to you and Sharon over your beloved Coen. It is so difficult to see the little ones suffer, they just don't understand and it is so wearisome for the parents and grandparents. Will be keeping Coen in unceasing prayer asking Jesus to touch his precious little body and heal him from the crown of his head to the souls of his feet. As well, I will be keeping your precious Sharon and you in my prayers. The poetry you write for her, as in 'Your Love Has Lifted Me' conveys the devotion and love you share. Sharon is a wonderful wife to you, and a Mom, so I know how her heart is broken for Coen and his parents. I loved the poem you wrote for the Military, and my heart goes out to them and their families. My prayer is for Peace~~~the gift of Christmas~~~soon and throughout the world. I loved 'Reminiscing'~~~
in fact that seems to be all I do!!!!! Singing was a passion in my family~~~and I remember long evenings harmonizing joyously, if not perfectly on tune~~~~LOL. Now I "sit lonely in your elder years"~~~
but I'm still singing~~~brings joy to my life.
Now I must get on to the other poems, but felt I needed to leave you a note after reading 'Your Love Has Lifted Me'. God Bless and remember........
U R Loved
6 May 2008 - Iowa USA

Sharon/AngelHeart | E-Mail | Web Site
Dearest Eddie,
I went ever so slowly through each of your pages.
Such strong inspiration in each of them
I so loved "The Guy In The Glass"
and giggled from memories of my own on your poem"Time Out"
Your beautiful poem for Sharon"Your Love Has Lifted Me" makes me feel like I do with my Kenny ,we celebrate our 30th end of this month.
Eddie, I am keeping your lil grandson Coen in my prayers, you know that, since my recent loss I was sad to read that..
your page on the "Lords Prayer" I loved it ,I have seen something like this before via email i am sure.
Got to tell you I, havent forgiven, and doubt I shall for along time, the man that killed my grandson ,not even ready to work on it yet, I know he will be taken care of by God, but, I can not lie, I have to handle it earthly now, and I am full of ,lets say wanting him to answer right now ,the Lord will help me through this in His time..
I also want to send you wishes for a surgery that you breeze through.All our thouhgts and prayers will be with you my friend ,and your Sharon, and your entire family...
6 May 2008 - Virginia-US

Partridgelady | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie, Thanks again for that bright spot in my day when I can sit back and read your wonderful poetry. It just goes on and on so smoothly, covering so many features of our lives from love and marriage, to family to ills, the whole gambit and I surely love reading you. Thanks so much for sharing your works with the world, it is much appreciated.
6 May 2008 - Michigan

Francine | E-Mail
Dear Eddie, it is always a pleasure to share in your wonderful work. I loved the Lord's Prayer, it was very powerful. Each page shows a part of your heart and soul and I am so very grateful for every word that you create to touch the hearts of many. Wishing you peace, happiness and an abundace of words to fill the hearts of many. Your friend always,
6 May 2008 - Long Island, New York

Joanne Mangum | E-Mail
A very nice site
4 May 2008 - USA

Ed Valentine | E-Mail
Love your pages, I am new to this site and have enjoyed it very much.

I am a retired Special Forces veteran of Korea & Vietnam and have always loved good poetry.

Keep up the good work.
30 April 2008 - United States. Fayetteville, North Carolina

Juanita Pike | E-Mail
The honor given to your wife is a blessing.
29 April 2008 - Texas

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie:

I just open a page of yours from Herald A New Day... some of my work is there also..

Your work is awesome.

You have great talent too doing great poems and web pages.

Keep up the good word, stay close to Jesus, because one day it will be worth it all.....Amen.

26 April 2008 - Canada

Carol | E-Mail
Eddie i have so enjoyed your poetry! It is not often i get to give any feedback...Take Care, Carol
26 April 2008 - Rhode Island in the gr8 USA (East Coast)

Mikki | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie,
Just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed my visit to your site. Your websets are just beautiful.
26 April 2008 - Baltimore, Ohio

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