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Ann Marie | E-Mail
Good Evening Eddie, I have read your latest update & was totally delighted with all of the wonderful new poems. My two favorite ones were, "Not Things That Make You Cry" Very well written & thought provoking. The First poem.."I Refuse" spoke to me & in light of your pain & future surgery I repeat from your poem (No matter what the obstacles are ..I will refuse to simply give up. Stay with that attitude & may God bless you with a quick recovery my friend.
3 March 2009 - Alabama,U.S.A.

Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
Eddie the poems are amazing and I was so excited when I discovered that they were all new ones. Well done Mate. I loved the sets and the music to go with each poem too, what a wonderful talent you have.
A better web site that yours would be hard to find. Say hello to Sharon too.
26 February 2009 - Up the road a bit, under the gum trees

Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
As always you have shared some lovely and meaningful poems, I especially enjoyed "Every Sunset", it really spoke to my heart.

I am so happy to hear of Coen's continued improvements, what a great blessing that is for sure.

Keep up the good work my dear friend and give my love to Sharon. Take care,
God bless, Shy

24 February 2009 - North Carolina USA

Sandy | E-Mail
So glad to hear Coen is doing so much better.We are praying for you and your family.We also are praying for all of the people who were in harms way.Really do enjoy your newsletters.
23 February 2009 - Las Vegas,Nv

Joan | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie it's good to read your new poems. I enjoyed them all. Whoever Believes you wrote on my daughter's birthday. She is with our Lord and Savior now. Keep your poems coming. With Jesus love your friend Joan
23 February 2009 - Tennessee USA

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
I have read "Now Black Is All I See', and my mind still can't take it all in~~~~Beautiful Australia, how my heart weeps. Since first hearing the news of the fires, many have knelt in prayer for all of you who have lost so many. If, as it is said, 'one man's death dimishes me'~~~~then all of us are burdened under so great a loss! Prayers will remain unceasing for your country and countrymen, for the fires and the floods, for the victims and those who survived, for the rescuers and support people, for you personally and for our precious little Coen.
Your pages were all exceedingly lovely, but 'Let's Pretend' is a haunting love story reminiscent of an experience that still remains "bitter-sweet". I love the way you make words come to life! You are an inspiration!
Thank you too, for your kind remarks about my site, and my sweet, good friend Melva. Without her and Shy, I would still be roaming around poetrypoem on plain pages.........LOL
Eddie, you are such a good friend, I pray this message gets through to you, as some recent sends to your private address have been returned. In the MEANTIME~~~please know that you and your family and specially Coen, are on my mind, in my heart, and forever and always in my prayers~~~along with all your beautiful country!
God Bless and remember...............
U R Loved
23 February 2009 - Iowa USA

Moonlightflower | E-Mail | Web Site
Wow have you ever improved! Each visit I am so greatly impressed. It has been many moons ago that we met via the internet. Thanks for using the animated graphic I did for you. It looks great on your guestbook page. I am so sorry about the tragedies in Australia and only knew of the fires. We don't watch TV often and don't read a lot of web news. I will keep Australia in my prayers. Tears came to my eyes and chills ran through my body. I am so happy that your grand child is improvoing and prayers are being answered.

We are finally getting some hurricane Ike repairs done outside but still fighting the insurance company for our inside repairs. Our yacht was totaled but a doctor bought it as it was repairable for LOTS of money and years of work. That insurance company paid all of the money it was insured for. We sold it for the money it cost to move it from the pile up on pleasure island at the marina. My son is our contractor and comes for a short time, goes home and comes back as needed. He did the outside work and will do most of the inside repairs. We will be selling this house and moving further inland close to my son. Evacuating twice six days apart for two hurricanes is too much at our age.

Thanks for the updates Eddie. I have a new website which is the one I will list this time. It isn't complete yet but all pages are there. Our Graduate Museum was badly damaged by hurricane Ike. We are trying to save it. Meke Aloha ke Akua!
23 February 2009 - southeast Texas moving to east Texas

Very good site. I organise regular tours to the battlefields of Belgium and France on behalf of The Friends of the Somme Portadown Branch. My paternal grandfather was killed on the Somme on 2 September 1918 - he was in 14th Battalion Black Watch.

Pamela | E-Mail
Thank you for your lovely inspiring site. It is refreshing to see the quality it has. Good luck.
10 February 2009 - Liverpool, Merseyside, England

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
The news this morning from Australia is devistating.
I'm praying for all those affected by the fires and the lives and loves lost. Please know that all of you are on my mind, in my heart, and also my prayers. Lord, please lead~~~let us follow..........and learn to love as so brillantly voiced in Eddie's poem.........................
We need that love more than ever.
God Bless and remember..............
U R Loved
9 February 2009 - Iowa USA

Gayle | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello my friend, what a wonderful array of beautiful poetry. I love your poems and you have sure shared some great ones this go around. It is hard to pick a favorite becasue all of these are just super.
Your new websets are calling to me too. I stopped by for a look and will have to sit down and write to some of them. They are wonderful sets and we will be using them on An Hour With You very soon.
We keep Coen in our prayers and the rest of the family also. God bless you my friend!
4 February 2009 - USA

Wanda | E-Mail
I loved your poem "We Don't Need Another Hero"! Keep up the great work!
3 February 2009 - Indiana

Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
Thanks for sharing the update and I am so happy that all is going well for you. Please excuse my tardiness once again. Where does the time go.....I am so far behind in so many things. I enjoyed all your wonderful poems so much and the graphics and music as well. Your website is such a delight to visit. Keep up the good work, give my best to Sharon......
God bless, Shy
2 February 2009 - North Carolina USA

Myra | E-Mail | Web Site
Thank you for your lovely Poem Eddie="Reaching Out To Children" May God Bless you as you keep writing these lovely words & Bless so many people around the world.
2 February 2009 - Central Coast N.S.W. Australia

Nan Ames | E-Mail
I came upon your page while visiting (A Dream and a Smile) How wonderfully interesting you sound... Thanks so much for sharing.
1 February 2009 - Elmira, N.Y.

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