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jan | E-Mail
Just started to read about your life. I will fill in more as I go.. you and yours have a wonderful day and all. jan
2 November 2009 - Prescott. ArzonaU.S.A

Partridgelady/sharon | E-Mail | Web Site
Dearest Eddie, I am so worried about you, I pray for you and little Coen each and every night. I know you haven't been feeling well at all but just know that I think of you often and you'll remain in my prayers. So many of my friends are suffering today as their geocities sites closed down. Hugs, Sharon
27 October 2009 - Michigan USA

barbara tuxford | E-Mail
I have been Poppy Chair at Branch 540 Lucan Legion for 17 years and have never seen all these poems in one place...thanks we will have about 700 school children, teachers, and P.A.'s plus about 200 more adults at our service this year - they will be hearing the answer to Flanders Fields for the first time
14 October 2009 - Lucan, Ontario, Canada

Wanda Payne | E-Mail
Came upon your site quite by accident
Beautiful poetry. Sent link to my special someone clear across the country. Hope he appreciates it as much as I do.
14 October 2009 - Michigan

Retired Officer Edward C. Smith | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi! Dark Blue Knight! I'm a retired police officer from York, Pa.
10 October 2009 - 825 Chanceford Ave. York, Pa. 17404

Edward C. Smith | E-Mail | Web Site
I'm a retired police officer and am friends with a police officer in China by the name of Robert Lee. If you would be interested in meeting him e-mail me.
10 October 2009 - 825 Chanceford Ave York, Pa 17404-2349

Iris May Vanden Berg | E-Mail
Dear Eddie,
How lovely to receive your welcome newsletter. It has been a while for both of us to be near the computer and I have missed reading your great poetry.
Was without my computer for much of the past few months, so it is so good to be back online.
Following your surgery I sent an email to say you were in my prayers, so I trust it was received.

Eddie, I will continue to ask the Lord, to give you relief from the pain you are suffering. My spinal surgery, thankfully, was more successful.

It warms my heart to know you are still staying strong in the faith, without it, we would lose all hope.

May God keep you safe and watch over you each day.

30 September 2009 - Sydney Australia

Francine | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Ed sorry I am late in signing but things have been hectic for me. I so always enjoy going through your site and seeing the talent that is so obvious and the heart that is so beautiful. Thank you for being my friend and sharing your words and your heart. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your friend always Francine
28 September 2009 - Long Island, New York

MrsScooby | E-Mail
Dark Blue Knight ,,I have seen your work and it is very good.I have saved a few of your sets for future use.Not sure at this time where to use them at.You have done a wonder job on them.Thanks for shareing with everyone.
27 September 2009 - USA

Eula(Judy)Kappel | E-Mail | Web Site
I have just found your sight, and enjoy so much your music and writings. Thanks they are wonderful
17 September 2009 - Colorado, USA

Shy | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
It's so good to find your newsletter in my mailbox again, I have missed hearing from you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and will remain there. I can relate so well with what you are going through with the 24/7 back pain. It seems that the pain from there just radiates out to all parts of my body.
But, just like you my Heavenly Father keeps me everyday and without HIM it seems it would be impossible to live. We are all so blessed to have HIS promises and blessings in our daily lives. Glad to hear that Coen continues to improve, our Taylor is also.

Your poems are just beautiful as always and have touched my heart. I enjoy looking at your wonderful linkware too. Hopefully I will begin working more on my websites soon. This coming Thursday I will be flying to Alabama to visit with our friend Ann Fisher and I am looking forward to it so much. She enjoys your poetry also.

Give Sharon my love and take care, God bless.
Your friend in Christ, Shy
7 September 2009 - N C USA

Dot | E-Mail | Web Site
Thanks for the shares, great stuff and we've missed you. Just know Richie and I think of you and yours often. Take care and enjoy Fathers day.
5 September 2009 - country Queensland

karen | E-Mail | Web Site
Dear Eddie,
How good it is to hear from you! And the pages are as always wonderful~~~Unique is exactly what you are!
Looking Forward, Looking Back is something we all seem to do at a given age~~~just pray that the advice given is as 'sage' as yours!!! Learning to live with infirmities takes time and soul-searching~~~but somehow, we manage to do it~~~for really, the alternative is unbearable. I'm sorry that you are experiencing so much pain, my own experience is there are lessons to be learned~~~most of all patience and kindness to your own self! I will be keeping you in prayer, where you have always been, and Coen too~~~the joy that child brings to your heart is palpable! Thank you Eddie, for your kind notes in CJ's Legacy Guest Book~~~I know that his family will treasure all the memories and words of wisdom entered there. In the meantime, you and Sharon are on my mind, in my heart, all your family and precious Coen remain in my prayers. God Bless and remember...............
U R Loved
5 September 2009 - Sacramento, CA

Bernice | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi Eddie, So good to hear from you again and read your lovely poetry.. I have not heard from you in a long time. I was on vacation for while and may have lost emails..I was having problems while I was away..
I 'm so sorry you been sick then you lost your mom and dad please accept my heartfelt sympathy.

I do pray each day for all on my mailing list, you and your family are always in my prayers. take care my friend, Jesus is smiling down upon you
Wishing you and your family God's very best
blessings because of Calvary , Bernice
5 September 2009

Diana | E-Mail
I read your poem "Silence" and I enjoyed it very much. Sorry for all that happened to you this year. You'll remain in my prayers together with Coen.
5 September 2009 - Bucharest Romania

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