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Len Hunt | E-Mail
Great site, brings back lots of memories from our travels in 1969
23 August 2017 - Brissy

Frank R. Nichols, Sr. | E-Mail | Web Site
Thanks, mate. Only ever been to Bunbury (in 1973), now have family in Wyndham, WA
18 August 2017 - Oceanside, California

Sherri | E-Mail | Web Site
I just loved your page Dark Blue Knight.. :)
17 February 2017 - USA Michigan

Lewis Corner | E-Mail
Congratulations on your fascinating and nicely presented article about Norseman. I stayed overnight in the town once. The hotel (which I won't name) didn't provide breakfast. The manager said it wasn't worthwhile because guests usually got up very early and left Norseman as soon as possible.

My other main memories of the town are of unexplained advice not to go to the Railway Hotel, a basic map showing the slime dumps as the most significant features of the area, and a horrible saveloy from Norseman's finest fast and greasy food emporium.
15 November 2016 - Western Australia

Dave Keller | E-Mail
Hi Dark Blue Knight, thanks for an entertaining website. I found it researching remote SA & WA roads, rail, weapons testing etc.
29 August 2016 - Launceston, Tasmania

Ann Gomes | E-Mail
thank you!
20 April 2016 - upland, California

margarette Blakeborough | E-Mail | Web Site
love reading your work many thanks for sharing
9 March 2016 - New Zealand

Mrs Cheryl Paton | E-Mail
May God continue to bless you as you write his messages down for him in this special way. I too write poetry and stories and letters He inspires and I thank Him now for leading me to your site.I was recalling yr poem "The Difference"to someone the other day, as it's message was relevant to our conversation. Bless you heaps
22 February 2016 - Tauranga, New Zealand

Phil Montague | E-Mail | Web Site
Nice job. Been there too mate. Cheers, good luck with the flashbacks
3 October 2015 - Sunshine coast

Shelba Jones | E-Mail
Found from Heavens Gates, great loved it all!!!
24 September 2015 - USA

Margarette Blakeborough | E-Mail
love the poetry...
30 July 2015 - New Zealand

Anne Shanholtz (Kacey) | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi stranger! Its been a long time.
I see you still have your beautiful pages and poetry.
Your link to me (Kacey's Corner) is outdated.
Would you please update?
23 February 2015 - Virginia

Jane Ward Smith | E-Mail
I used one of your graphics for a poem titled "The Cross" which God inspired me to write. It has blessed so many and me as well. I came back to your site to thank you for your wonderful work which I have enjoyed so much. The poem I read of yours is titled "The Cross Of Calvary" which is so wonderful that any who reades it gets the whole story of Salvation. God bless you. I hope you are doing well. Jane
4 December 2014 - Brewton, Al

Jane Ward Smith | E-Mail
The poem I wrote using a graphic from your site can be found at this link
It would be great to hear from you. God bless you. Jane
4 December 2014 - Brewton, Al USA

Debbie Smart | E-Mail
Finally got around to viewing & reading. Well put together & a wonderful catalogue of memories & stories.
25 November 2014 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Thanks Debs, appreciate your visit and comments. Hope you found something to enjoy and of course you are welcome back anytime. Far too much to see on one visit.

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