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Phil Montague | E-Mail | Web Site
Nice job. Been there too mate. Cheers, good luck with the flashbacks
3 October 2015 - Sunshine coast

Shelba Jones | E-Mail
Found from Heavens Gates, great loved it all!!!
24 September 2015 - USA

Margarette Blakeborough | E-Mail
love the poetry...
30 July 2015 - New Zealand

Anne Shanholtz (Kacey) | E-Mail | Web Site
Hi stranger! Its been a long time.
I see you still have your beautiful pages and poetry.
Your link to me (Kacey's Corner) is outdated.
Would you please update?
23 February 2015 - Virginia

Jane Ward Smith | E-Mail
I used one of your graphics for a poem titled "The Cross" which God inspired me to write. It has blessed so many and me as well. I came back to your site to thank you for your wonderful work which I have enjoyed so much. The poem I read of yours is titled "The Cross Of Calvary" which is so wonderful that any who reades it gets the whole story of Salvation. God bless you. I hope you are doing well. Jane
4 December 2014 - Brewton, Al

Jane Ward Smith | E-Mail
The poem I wrote using a graphic from your site can be found at this link
It would be great to hear from you. God bless you. Jane
4 December 2014 - Brewton, Al USA

Debbie Smart | E-Mail
Finally got around to viewing & reading. Well put together & a wonderful catalogue of memories & stories.
25 November 2014 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Thanks Debs, appreciate your visit and comments. Hope you found something to enjoy and of course you are welcome back anytime. Far too much to see on one visit.

Kym Graham | E-Mail
Really enjoyed visiting your site Eddie and know I will return to it many times. Thank you mate..
24 November 2014 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Thank you Kym,

Hope you found something to enjoy. I do need to add some stuff, been a while since I have done much but will get there sometime soon. Enjoy your visits and happy to see you called by.


Kev Farr | E-Mail
Outstanding work by an outstanding man I have been so blessed to have met and broken bread with, shared stories with and can proudly call my friend. A man who will stand by you, no matter what.
20 November 2014 - Gold Coast, Australia.

Webmaster comments   Thanks Kev, Nice to have you visit.

Would take a long time to see all of this site - Enjoy whatever you find. Eddie

Janet | E-Mail
I too found your site when googling for the whole poem about taking time to I wanted to share it with my son. What a blessing God gave me by sharing your site with me. I have spent much time yesterday and today reading through many of your pages... I am not done yet and intend to continue reading.
Thanks for sharing so much of God's goodness with others. I appreciate your career and thank you for it. I taught school for over 30 years when health caused me to go on disability. God opens new doors and I am learning to open them and appreciate having the time to enjoy the blessings within.
May God continue to bless you and your family with new delights!
26 June 2014 - USA - midwest

Elsie | E-Mail
I found your site quite by accident when I was rushing around getting ready for work and remembered that I hadn't prayed. The words of the poem 'I got up early this morning and rushed right into the day' kept going round my head - I couldn't remember the rest so I typed it into google. The rest, as they say, is history!
27 April 2014 - Up side down too

Webmaster comments   Hi Elsie,
Glad my site was able to help in a small way. Love that poem and had to share it with others. Pity so many have it as "Anonymous".

Patrice | E-Mail
Thanks for sharing. I can relate to your story.
28 March 2014 - Queensland


19 February 2014 - STOCKHOLM SWEDEN

George Haupt | E-Mail | Web Site
Hello, I just read your story about the Nullabor and I have sent you an email. Please feel free to answer. Thank you. G.H.
26 January 2014 - Northern Germany

Ed Broderick | E-Mail
Sandy came and went
Let us not forget
We who survive
Thank God to be alive
True Thanks
It comes from deep within
Not always at the end
Sometimes when we begin
Expressed in many a way
Not necessary for us to say
A big thumbs up
A raised cup
A shy smile a broad grin
A simple nod or slap of skin
A wagging tail
Will never fail
The message is global
The intent noble
Your plight will never be so low
That true thanks you can not show
Face each day as a precious gift
Your neighbor’s spirits try to lift
Do not let a day go bye
Without giving thanks on high
Live and let live

Poem by Ed Broderick
30 November 2013 - Rockaway Beach New York USA

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